Regular Professional Tuning and Maintenance

Prolong the Life of Your Piano

No piano will stay in tune forever. Pianos are mainly constructed with wood and metal parts. Over time, and under various climactic or use conditions, changes occur in the parts which may cause the pitch and tone to change. Long term neglect may even lead to cracking and eventually a piano that is beyond repair. With regular professional piano tuning and maintenance, you can maintain the quality sound of your piano and even extend its life. With so much at stake, why would you trust your piano to just any service? Call me, D Evans Piano Tuner in Tucson, AZ, the Steinway Piano technician for the Tucson Symphony Orchestra. I am committed to providing the best in individualized, professional piano tuning and piano care to each and every one of my valued clients.

When is Tuning Needed?

  • Examinations for Valuation
  • Cleaning
  • Minimum 2 Tunings, Ideally 4 Tunings (with the seasons)
  • Minor Technical Repairs
  • Pitch Raises
  • String Breakages

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Piano Tuning and Key Adjustment

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